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Brooke Archer
11/6/2012 11:40:55 pm

Hello P6 i just wanted to give you my latest news and i'll even make it a scaffold text so ok hers what happened enjoy

Hi it's me and i'd like to say that ne day my shop will even get loose off the hook clothes OH YEAH! but sorry your gonna have to wait about 15 or 17 years sorry i have to sand by the law =) so any way talking about the law i just got up in my home and my grass was full of morning jue and my brother ran as fast as a heard of wild moose oh yyeah and i love chocolate moose IT RULES WOOOH so any way bye thanks and come to my shop its called BFFB it sands for
B=Brookes F=Fablous F=fashion B=Bonquit LOL SEE YA THERE

Ok thanks for reading me i put about 9 mineuts worth into this =)

Jonathan McComb
11/7/2012 12:06:12 am

1.The football hit a mans tooth and the tooth flew out.
2.I flew through the blue wood.
3.The teacher asked "Who likes school?".
4.I threw a smooth stone in the air.
5.I would choose the blue football.

chloe s
11/7/2012 12:59:46 am

Once there was a boy he loved to make wooden things he always weared a suit after he builds wodden things he gets a shower he uses a lot of shampoo he always uses the whole bottle of shampoo.So he went out to get more after he got a shower and put his suit on so he went to the shop on his way he passed a school that he used to go to by time he got there it was moonlightso he went in got three bottles of shammpoo and he ran home quickly.When he got home he brushed his teeth with toothpaste got his pjs and got into bed and fell fast asleep in the morning he made more wooden things after that he got a bath used the whole bottle of shampoo.Then im the afternoon the sky was blue so he went to play footballwhen he was playing football someone kicked him so he got a giant bruise so he went home and got a drink of juice then he changed the bedding and put blue covers on the bed then he went to bed.

11/7/2012 01:00:03 am

The sky was BLUE in the AFTERNOON. I was in a bad MOOD at SCHOOL because people were being CRUEL, so after SCHOOL I played some FOOTBALL. Mum asked me if I WOULD like some FRUITFUL JUICE I said yes please. DUE to playing FOOTBALL I had to shower with SHAMPOO, then brush my teeth with TOOTHPASTE. The next day in SCHOOL I had RUBY I CHOOSE to take a different ROUTE but I fell and got a big BRUISE off a WOODEN plink. I needed some PROOF that was SUITABE for the SCHOOL, but I could not think so I packed my SCHOOL/SUITCASE and sailed away in a CANOE.

11/7/2012 01:58:49 am

At the zoo

Yesterday I went to the zoo. I saw the cows moo. As I walked up to the fence I made a hole in my shoe. I bought myself a chocolate mousse when I was watching two moose's. I saw some penguins in a pool. I liked it when they were diving into the pool. Then I went to see the wolf. There was a special light to represent the moon. Suddenly the lights went off. The wolf started to howl at the light. After a moment the lights went on. Then I went to the souvenir shop and I bought myself an animal Top Trumps booster pack, for my brother I bought a football , for my mum I bought a ball of wool and for my dad I bought a book called ''The Doom of the Elephants''. I enjoyed my trip to the zoo. THE END!

Cora Cousins
11/7/2012 02:36:05 am

When I got up this moring I cleaned my teeth with toothpaste then I put on my suit of clothing as it was suitable to go out to dinner I also had to choose a nice scarf to match my suit as the weather was so cruel and windy It made my mood very blue.

adam hamilton
11/7/2012 03:03:20 am

There once was a man named Balloo,
who lived at the gates of the zoo,
although the winter was too good,
he caught the cold and sneezed off his shoe,
leaving him to do nothing all day but,
Achoo, Achoo and Achoo !


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