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Farmer Brown  made a scarecrow using a  pillow, some straw and old clothes. Joe was not your average scarecrow, he was a unique fellow. He would boogie at the local disco, shaking from his shoulder to his elbow. The crowd would explode with laughter as Joe groaned and moaned.

Joe, the scarecrow would boast how he scared all the crows from his home. Although Farmer Brown thought he was a hopeless fellow, he played the piano like a pro and caused the crocuses to grow.

Brooke - tooth filling=no SCHOOL
9/25/2012 10:39:26 pm

hi this is brooke
today a sparrow flew like a arrow right past me and it blew my socks off!So i mowed the lawn because i was borred and wemt to bed

9/25/2012 10:40:02 pm

ok this is my last coment then i'm going to get a thilling bye guys

kerry white
9/26/2012 12:31:58 am

One day a Princess was in her castle she had a special ring she kept under her pillow.During that day she lost her ring!! Her dad the king scolded her and she went off crying!!A Knight came one day and said ''Don't be afraid because i am here to help you'' the princess was not afraid he said ''The little goblins took it '' then they went to the woods the knight shot his arrow the goblins ran into the villages local Wednesday night disco. The King looked out his window and said ''whats all the commotion'' The queen said her daughter was seeing a knight and goblins so she took her to a Physiotherapist to see was she crazy or was it real.The physiotherapist said ''this is weird its blank'' That day the knight said ''we need the gnomes help'' the princess thought was a garden gnome real?? They went to the gnome that day and he said ''would you like some toast'' in a joyful way they both said ''no'' then they heard and explosion they approached where it was coming from the gnome had fell and they patched his elbow. Then the got on a boat to follow the goblins the boat didn't float it sank and they got to shore again they were SOAKING.Then she got her ring back
The End

Adam b
9/26/2012 12:57:41 am

One morning while Tom was eating his toast with his mother, he looked out into the garden and saw Louis his gnome scratching his elbow. Suddenly Otis the frog came along and croaked "Good morning Louis, how are you today". Louis groaned "I'm very unhappy, I'm covered in mould and I'm very cold". Otis jumped onto a large boulder beside Louis and croaked, "don't worry Louis, Im always soaking wet and I love it".

When Tom finished his toast, he went down the garden to try and catch the frog he saw talking to his gnome but when Otis saw him coming, as quick as an arrow, he jumped back into the pond.

Laura Richardson
9/26/2012 01:16:19 am

One afternoon there was this frog who could speak and he was traveling down to the pond with his family.Before he left the house he found some change in his pocket the frog says I better put it under my pillow for safety.That night there was a robber and he broke into the little frogs house and looked under the pillow and found some change.The robber says Im going to take it then he walked away.The next day the frog came back from his travel and looked under his pillow,When he saw nothing was there he was surprised the frog was thinking it must be under my bed so he looked and nothing was there.He thought were could it be he looked everywere for it but still could not find it.The frog was sad because there was 300 frog coins there.In the afternoon the robber went to the shop and got all the things he wanted then he went up to the till and paid for it but the lady said are you trying to trick me this is not real money its FAKE! The robber looked at his money and saw that it was not real and ran screaming out the shop.

9/26/2012 06:37:17 am

One day I woke up with a sore throat and I think I had the cold so I
ate some toast so I went to eat it and there was a gigantic cockroach on it I approached it cautoiusly but I actually was quiet calm well I was at the start anyway then I just let out a big SCREAM AND RAN. But it was still on my back and my brother went to hit it well it was still on my backand... lets just say it wasnt very good because he knocked me out for like a half an hour and it did hurt and I had to go to hospital and they put a big bandage right round my chest.

9/27/2012 04:49:11 am


Emily Byers
11/1/2012 08:41:57 pm

LOL LOL that is really good laura you must have spent a long time on that

Jonathan mccomb
9/26/2012 01:27:14 am

One day a crow came down from the sky to eat the seeds, then just at that moment the famer came and put a scarcrow down in the ground. The scarecrow's coat was floating in the breeze, he looked quite friendly and not scary at all. After the farmer left the scarecrow was visited by a goat and a stoat who had stole a loaf from the farmers wife. The crow flew down again to join them and they shared the loaf of bread among them. The crow left the farm and flew high in the sky and passed over a boat on the river.

chloe skillen
9/26/2012 01:31:54 am

One day a went to do archery i shot an arrow in the middle of the board. The sole of my shoe broke so then we approached home an i got the sole fixed then my brother told a really funny joke and it knocked my socks of it was sooooo funny then i hear a big explosion i went to see what it was someone blow the house down the house was yellow.A police man came down with a magic potion the potion made his hourse talk it was soo cool and funny.

Josh McLaughlin
9/26/2012 01:37:06 am

Joe the hunter was getting ready to go to the woods for the day."Its cool this morning",said Joe. He took his bow and arrow and set off for the woods. As he approached the woods he stopped for a moment as he heard the noise he was looking for. He reached for his bow and arrow, his bow reached his shoulder and he let go. He felt a pain in his elbow and he groaned.Although he was in pain Joe seen he had caught a deer. He couldnt wait to get back to boast to the other hunters.

Peter McCullough
9/26/2012 01:42:27 am

I once went to a disco with my friend,it was a fancy dress party. Someone was dressed up as a frog, a pharaoh, an Eskimo and an Indian. The Indian had a bow and arrows,he also had feathers on his shoulders and on his elbows.The man that was dressed up as a frog croaked a lot then went up to the micro-phone. He said that the disco would be over soon so we all groaned. Soon enough the disco was over so we went home boasting about how cool our dance moves were.When we got home I went to bed and as soon as my head touched the pillow I fell asleep.

Daniel Matthews
9/26/2012 01:42:51 am

One day there was a boy named Bob.He saw some mould on his toast.
He tried to scrape it off with his dads arrow but he hurt his shoulder and had to attend a physiotherapist.That did not work he groaned so he used the sole of his shoe to remove the mould.The next day he went to a disco although his shoe felt funny when he danced.His mum bought him a new pair of shoes so he decided to explode his old ones. He took some explosives and his shoe to an open area so he could explode them.He found an open area and there mad a big explosion. While Bob was waking away all pleased with hi self, the mould landed on his elbow he did not tell a soul.He groaned and it happened all over again. The End

9/26/2012 02:03:33 am

THE END!!!!!

9/27/2012 04:52:09 am

thats really gooooooooooooooooodddddd by jjjjjjjjjjessssssssssssiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee-jjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Rachel Lyness
9/26/2012 02:03:47 am

Once upon a time there was two little monkey brothers called Moe and Joe. They lived in a treehoue in Africa.They liked to have pillow fights with their pillows made out of leaves from low branches stuffed with more tiny leaves. Then one day a tiger came and and tried to eat Moe and Joe but they were just out of thier mould bath and the tiger said "oh no I cant eat that it is all mouldy." They said "by the way some people poach tigers."Then the tiger said "I hope not." Then he was off. All the monkeys cheered and "yelled dont come back!" THE END.

9/26/2012 02:29:18 am

The Explosion

A boy called Peter was very boastful. He was very very boastful. He always said stuff like" I met Lady Gaga at the disco." and" I got to sing into a golden microphone."in his croaking voice. He even said he disarmed a bomb by his own without any tool. Then a group of children told him to disarm a bomb on their eyes. He agreed. The day finally came. The bomb was in the centre of a field. Peter put a special force field under his sole of a shoe. He adjusted it to his body. He approached to the bomb. He knelt down to the bomb. Hetried to disarm the bomb. He said to the bomb "Don't explode". The bomb exploded. Now, the force field was visible so when it got adjusted to a wide circle. Everyone saw the force field and knew peter was things up. Peter was never boastful again.

brooke where do my coments go?
9/26/2012 02:52:23 am

hello miss spiers where did my comment go??

Tirzah!!! W
9/26/2012 03:30:13 am

1:Oh no there is a hole in Jo's shoe, then it started to snow.
2:"Noel don't soak me, I'm to cold." Said Jo.
3:Tomorrow Jo is getting a whole cake.
4:So Jo has to go home early.
5:Jo wants some dough.
6:Noel towed the car, the car was stuck.

leah quaile
9/26/2012 05:23:58 am

One Friday afternoon me and my family set of to Donegal.When we got
to the cottage we were staying at we got greeted with tea and toast.The next day we went on a boat trip from the coast.On Sunday it was snowing really heavily and we got soaked!!!.The day we were leaving it rained so heavy there were frogs everywhere I caught the cold that day and ended up going home with a sore throat.When we got home we had a roast chicken for dinner.Before I went to bed that night I saw a crow

9/26/2012 05:29:41 am

As I woke from my comfy pillow, I remembered I had football trials for Lurgan Town. Although I had trials before, they were special because it was being taken by Sir Alex Ferguson. While I was getting changed, I heard an explosion. I jumped and dislocated my shoulder. The pain ran right down to my elbow. At that moment I gave a loud groan. When I looked out the window, I saw a policeman approach the door. He had a microphone and was shouting to see if everyone was all right. This was a massive blow for me, I could only walk slow. When I got up this morning I thought getting picked for lurgan Town would be a piece of cake.

Jay Jones
9/27/2012 02:43:06 am

One day there was a very deadly explosion called the 9/11.During the explosion some people got their shoulders blown off and were soaking with blood. The people in the incident were put on stretchers and many of them groaned with pain. Due to these injuries numerous victims had to attend a physiotherapist to help with their mobility.

9/27/2012 05:49:08 am

One day I woke up with a sore throat and I think I had the cold so I
ate some toast so I went to eat it and there was a gigantic cockroach on it I approached it cautoiusly but I actually was quiet calm well I was at the start thenIout a big SCREAM AND RAN.I couldnt go to beacause my football coach was away on a boat to Brussels, it dosent really matter our football pretty wierd anyway because he has a goat which he is always moaning and groaning for example his goat is so clean and he named it soap because he always smells like strawberrys and soapto be honest I think he has a load of them but im not to sure besides everone in my class scored at least one goal anyway.

lou lou
10/24/2012 06:01:38 am

there really good

1/9/2013 07:11:03 am

I was out playing in the garden one day, dad was cutting the grass with the lawnmower. Then all of a sudden, out of no whear a huge storm came on. The rain fall was on for about five hours. The rain was that heavy and continuous it made a small pond in my back garden. We decided to keep the pond and kept filling it up every time the water got low. After about six months, we noticed something in the pond. I ran in and told my dad to come out and see. He then told me that this was frogspawn. I was happy and wanted to improve the pond for the little tadpoles. After a while dad finally give in to install a small waterfall to the pond to give it a little more decoration. The tadpoles where flying about the pond.


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