Click on the picture to learn more about the Storyteller who worked with your class today. Leave a comment and answer the following questions:
What did you think of the Writing Workshop?
Was it worthwhile? Give reasons for your answers.
What did you learn from this workshop?

3/19/2013 01:50:25 am

I thought is was very fun because we got to write a mad up stories.Yes it was worthwhile.I learnt that it was easy to write stories and I learnt a a riddle.It was very fun thanks

3/19/2013 01:58:00 am

I enjoyed the writing workshop because we got to do fun activities , talk, listen to a story, answer a riddle and write a story using a one of the four crazy titles our class came up with that had to have certain nouns and conjunctions.It was worth while because it was fun.Pat Ryan the storyteller gave us story writing tips and said that he had met lots of famous authors including Michael Morpurgo, Jacqueline Wilson and J.K Rowling.

Adam Hamilton
3/19/2013 02:07:39 am

I thought the writing workshop was very enjoyable with us telling stories to one another with pat

I think that it was worthwhile as it was very enjoyable and educational

I learned how to write a story and make a story from another piece of writing

nathan k
3/19/2013 02:10:18 am

It was really fun.

Yes it was worth while because it is good to know how to make a good story and what to put in it to make it intresting.

Adam B
3/19/2013 02:14:08 am

I really enjoyed the Writing Workshop in school today and it was fun to see Patrick Ryan again. I thought it was very interesting and showed me how to use my imagination when thinking about how to write a story and to make it more interesting. I enjoyed teaming up to discuss our own stories. I also enjoyed using description and sound effects in our stories. I enjoyed listening to Patrick's story and especially to his funny riddle. I can't wait until Patrick has another workshop in our school again.

3/19/2013 02:17:27 am



Rebekah Graham
3/19/2013 02:31:19 am

I thought the workshop was really good because you got to work with a friend and tell them about your favourite place, what was it like, what happened there and what were the smells.It was also really good because you got to solve a really funny riddle and do lots of fun activities. It was worthwhile because it was fun and I really enjoyed it!!! I learned to include more description in my stories and to put more excitement in my stories to make it really good. Thank you!!!

Kelly-Ann Dawson
3/19/2013 03:20:34 am

English Homework!
Pat Ryan in P6 Mr Magowan's Class
On Tuesday 19th of March, Patrick Ryan came to King's Park Primary School to run a one day writing workshop. When he arrived we all said hello to him again, as we had listened to Patrick tell us stories and riddles previously. He started off by telling us a story about a tailor and his clothes. Next we were to think of a memory. We were to get a partner and to tell them that memory to see if it turned into a story. After that he told us a riddle about a cat, a human and a stool. He then told us to think of a really short story,so we did. We got into pairs and found a space in the room.
Next we numbered ourselves 1 and 2. Number 1 told number 2 his/her story and then number 2 told it back to them,adding things to the story. It went on like that until the short story had become a story with a lot of detail and expression. When we had finished that, we had to think of nouns begining with the letter 'r', colours etc. With these words we had to make a 'crazy title', and we made 4 crazy titles with the words that we found. Finally we wrote a story! My story was called 'The big race and the ruby cat'. When it was time for Pat to leave, we all said goodbye sadly as we did not want him to go.We had had so much fun! Thank you Pat!!!
What did you think of the Writing Workshop?
I thought the writing workshop was very, very good because I had lots of fun and there were lots of things to do!

Was it worthwhile?
It was definitely worthwhile because it was a lot of fun and we were learning things at the same time!

What did you learn from this workshop?
I learned alot of things about writing and that it is not always boring! I also learnt that people's brains can work differently when understanding things!

dylan mckerr
3/19/2013 03:23:05 am

Patrick came today and told us stories. He was very interesting and helpful the way he showed us how to think of stories of or own.
I think it was worthwhile because he told us stories and how he made them up so he told us to think of a place or a thing that you know about then you had to get in to a pear and the place or a thing you have thought about you tell a story.
I learnt how to make a story from my head.

Peter McCullough
3/19/2013 03:53:01 am

Writing Workshop

What do you think of the workshop?
I thought that the workshop was very good.It was fun and very active as well.

Was the workshop worthwhile?
The workshop was defiantly worthwhile because it was just so much fun and we had some riddles to work out like:Two legs sat on three legs eating no legs, then four legs took no legs but then two legs threw three legs at four legs, then four legs dropped no legs so then two legs got no legs. Try figure that out!

What did you learn from the workshop?
Today I learnt lots of things from the workshop it was a very nice activity do be doing.Though we learnt how authors write books not just plain writing but with lots off speech and punctuation in stories.

Thank you Patrick!

Peter McCullough P6SM

Reese lowry-marks
3/19/2013 04:45:49 am

Today the storyteller he helped us understand how to make up a story he did fun minigames and said a story and I realy liked that story and we even let us make up our own story out of various titles it was diffenitly worthwile it was the most fun i've ever had in ages and I wish he could come in every single day.

3/19/2013 04:52:06 am

Today we learned about a writing workshop,we did lots of fun games.It was definitely worthwhile because we wrote a story with one of the four titles,We had to get into partners of twos and had to pick a number 1 or 2 and tell each other a memory that has happened.

Kirsten Forde :)
3/19/2013 05:24:59 am

Report on creative writing workshop which took place on Tuesday 18th March primary 6 at Kings Park Primary School.

The workshop was taken by Patrick Ryan, a storyteller who has written books and reports for politicians. I really enjoyed the workshop and I would love Patrick to come again.
What did I think of the workshop?
I thought the workshop was brilliant as I love reading books as well as writing stories. I really enjoyed the activities and games we played and Patrick's accent as he is from America.This workshop really inspired and encouraged me to write more stories and to read more books fiction and non-fiction. Some writing is really boring but from Patrick's point of view it made writing REALLY REALLY fun.
Was it worthwhile?
YES it definitely worthwhile as we learnt a lot and had lots of fun. As I have said I would love to do it or something similar again.
What did I learn from the workshop?
I learnt that everybody sees stories in a different way like some peoples brain sees pictures,words,photographs or storyboards. We learnt a riddle about legs which I loved because it really got your brain thinking.I also learnt that titles can be made from different categories of words for example colours,nouns,animals.
I want to say a BIG HUGE thank you to Patrick for coming and taking the workshop!!!!

Andrew Breen
3/19/2013 06:01:43 am

19th March 2013

Today a storyteller called Patrick Ryan came to visit our P6 class. He told the class several stories, one of which was about a tailor.
I thought the writing workshop and the stories told were very imaginative and showed me how powerful a human beings imagination can be.
It was worthwhile doing this activity because it was teaching us to write better stories by using our imagination, linking ideas together and ensuring that we include plenty of detail.
I really enjoyed the workshop and would like it if Patrick Ryan could come back to our class again some day.

Bailey :D
3/19/2013 06:08:17 am

Today in class a man named Patrick Ryan came to talk to us about story telling and writing.He was a very nice man and made work FUN.
- It was amazing. If school was like that I would turn up half dead or alive.
- He didn't waist our time at all it was FUN,EXITING and AWESOME.
- Writing doesn't have to be boring. you tell a story from real life problems and places you went.

Thank you Pat!!!

3/19/2013 06:58:22 am

the writers workshop
Today Pat Ryan came to our school! He was brilliant he told the craziest riddle and a cool story we played mind games and wrote a story it was great!!! here are my answers to these questions
1.What did you think about the writing workshop: I thought it was great we did lots of activities we did a riddle and heard a story it was fab
2.Was it worthwhile: OF COURSE it was sooo worthwhile the reason is Pat is so good at saying stories and we got to write our very own he told us lots of tips and there was great activities and he has met lots of people/writers and he answered our questions!!!
3.What did you learn from this workshop: I learnt a LOT of things especially how so minds have different ways of thinking things like one is picture form one other is comic strip and the other is words and i also learnt that stick to writing if you like it i ALSO found out who Pat has met!!!
Thank you so much Pat for that great day hopefully we will see you soon and hopefully we can finish our stories!!!!
THANK YOU!!!! :)

Mr M
3/19/2013 07:13:51 am

I'm glad you enjoyed the writing workshop today guys. We will practice some of the skills Pat taught us and I look forward to reading more of your interesting stories. Super reports, well done.

joshua :-)
3/19/2013 07:21:28 am

Today a storyteller named Pat ryan came to our class. I thought it was great because we learned how to write stories and the crazy title game is my favourite. It was worthwhile because we learned a lot. I learned how to write stories.

3/20/2013 01:26:14 am

I really enjoyed doing all the workshops yesterday it was good fun I loved doing the stories that was really fun and I really think it was worthwhile having a story teller in our class was pretty cool I learned how to make a story tite aswell with a story tite already made.

grace :D
3/20/2013 01:30:26 am

i thought the writing workshop was good because we got to share memerys and got to play a game called crazy tittles and belive me that was crazy but most of all it was fun and yes i do think it was worth because of the things we did and i learnt alot like peoples funny memerys and that paul writes his story out then the next day he comes back to change it and the next day he comes back to change it until hes 100 % sure that the way he wants it
and that all from mr guys hoped you liked this and BYE!!!!!

daniel mcconnell
3/20/2013 01:44:03 am

Yesterday Pat Ryan came to our school and did a writing workshop with us. He explained how to make a story and how to imagine it in our heads. We came up with four funny titles so we could make our own little stories. I thought that the writing workshop was interesting because he taught us how to make our own stories.


Brooke.Archer P6S
3/20/2013 01:55:32 am

Oh my gosh i don't know what to say!
right my favorite part was when we got to make up titles from other stories my favorite was "BIG PINK BASEBALL CAP AND THE SMALL TERRIBLE HORSE"

so teachers if i was one i would say its worth themoney [don't know how much but sure]
but i'm not so it was worth my TIME!1!!!

3/20/2013 01:55:51 am

I thought the workshop was really good because we got to write up really cool and very funny stories I learned how to write really good stories it was worthwhile because we all learned how to write stories
it was really fun

Jake McKnight
3/20/2013 01:57:26 am

1.I thought that it was fun and very educational. I learnt how to write stories and how to make them funny and interesting.
2.It was very worthwhile. Got great tips and the title game was good fun.
3.I learnt much about writing and it was good to hear who Pat had met.

Tirzah grace walker :~D
3/20/2013 03:37:31 am

I loved it, In my story was called the Big pink baseball cap and the small terrible horse. I wish he came more often. It was worthwhile I also like the legs story:
2 legs sat on 3 legs and 4 legs took 0 legs and 2 legs threw 3 leg at 4 legs and 4 legs dropped 0 legs and 2 legs got 0 legs back.
I learn that a good writer writes his story out a couple of times to make it better.

Emily byers (mrs bieber)
3/20/2013 03:45:07 am

I thougth the writing workshop was very good and interesting because he told us ideas how to write a story . This means that i now know how to start writing a story. I learnt how to think of ideas for my story and also how to write it properly.

Thank-you pat!!!!!!!

3/20/2013 03:52:28 am

I think it was fun and exiting. It was worthwhile because we learnt new things and we got to make up a story and it was fun meeting pat . I learnt a new riddle and that a story teller normally uses things that have happend to them in there story

3/20/2013 04:22:08 am

yesterday the storyteller called pat ryan came into our school and told us a story and a riddle it was really fun and we got to tell memories and also make up a story with a choice of 4 titles we started off with little red ridding hood and the big bad wolf and became big pink baseball cap and the terrible horse. it was really fun and at the end all of our class asked him to come in again sometime and he says if the teachers and mr.shields let him so i hope he does come in again because it was so fun! yes i do think its worthwile because if you listen to the tips he is giving us then we could write our own storys and read more books then if you read books then you learn more words and you will be smarter!

3/20/2013 04:25:43 am

I liked the writing workshop because we got to learn how to write stories. It was worthwhile. We played a game where we edited titles of stories and then we had write a story about one of the titles. I learnt a riddle about legs.

3/20/2013 05:38:59 am

I enjoyed the writing workshop, I always like to hear new sorries never mi g writing my own? Pat coming in was worthwile because people not just me enjoy hearing new things like storries? I have learnt that my day, week, month can turn into a story. I would like to thank mr Shields and miss Spiers for letting pat come to are class/school.

3/20/2013 06:49:55 am

I thought that the storyteller was very good as he was both creative and imaginative. He showed us how to structure a story at the beginning to keep us not only entertained but interested. He made me laugh with stories and riddles that were extremely funny, I love the way that he changed the tone of his voice while telling me stories. During the workshop he made us close our eyes and focus focus to allow our own imagination to breed as he spoke! I would would like thank Pat Ryan for coming into speak to us!!!!!!

3/20/2013 07:23:37 am

I thought it was fun because I was partner with Miss S.Spiers and I got to know a funny fact about Miss S.Spiers. It was really funny when Pat turned every story title into a funny title. Then he told us to right a story in 5 mins for 5 mins I just heard scibbling and writing. Pat told us a funny riddle which was really cool. After Pat had gone Miss S.Spiers told us to right a description of the riddle.

3/20/2013 07:36:09 am

it was good pattrick made it very intersting,yes it was worthwhile because he explained every thing well and made it fun. i learnt how to right a story by using imagination and memories.


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