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Brooke.A =-)
1/15/2013 11:50:30 pm

Today i was gonna go out tothe town to get a take-away from Mc donals but my phone rang and it was my brother he said that the place is full so i shut my door and went to the contry side and once it looked small but yes it was a vulture!So i went closer it was giving some of its young nutirance and i said May my when a another came and wanted its nest for its own and punch the mother with its feet soo i went home THE END

This was a very funny story by Brooke.A i couldn't really constrent with a digger making noise!!! soo i shouted Dig somewhere else and he nver heard me.....

1/16/2013 12:04:43 am

My mother gave me a doughnut.
I live in the countryside.
My mother says I'm trouble,
but surely I'm my mother's double,
My mother's brother suddenly discovery I'm not generous at all, because I took my mother's money in need of some honey and unusually rapped it in a 5 pound note.

1/16/2013 12:22:57 am

when my MOTHER was a YOUNGSTER she set out to find her COUSIN who lived in a different COUNTRY.
she was soon to DISCOVER that her COUSIN was nothing but TROUBLE.
they found a time CAPSULE but could not open it, so my MOTHERS COUSIN used all the energy she could MUSTER and it popped open.


1/16/2013 12:34:07 am

One day my MOTHER called me a YOUNGSTER I said "you are in TROUBLE."So later on that day I asked my MOTHER "what is a SUNDIAL" she said" I had one in my old house in the COUNTRYSIDE" So later I watched a TOURNAMENT on tv. My MOTHER was sooo GENEROUS! I had to take a CAPSULE of my medicine in a spoon which is a piece of CUTLERY.

1/16/2013 12:41:20 am

"MOTHER can we clean the toilet cause the smell is a bit ROUGH!"
Knock knock knock there was someone knocking at THE door, CHUCK thought that when someone knocked at at THE door it was a DISCOVERY then SUDDENLY the door bell rang "yes another DISCOVERY to DISCOVER"while his mother was answering THE door he went out in to the garden to look at THE SUNDIAL it was 4'o clock then he remembered his COUSIN was coming ."CHUCK" his mother called "hello YOUNGSTER"said CHUCK ,CHUCK felt so LUCKY cause he hasn't seen the YOUNGSTER for a year now.the end

1/16/2013 01:23:41 am

My MOTHER was having a ROUGH day.Her GENEROUS COUSIN had come to stay from another COUNTRY.The YOUNGSTERS had SUDDENLY caused trouble and she had ENOUGH of them! MOTHER decided to MUSTER up all her energy and take them to the COUNTRYSIDE. Although it was a BLUSTERY day the SUNDIAL said good weather.She packed the CUTLERY for a picnic.The ground however had SUNKEN when they arrived and there was POISONOUS berries. So MOTHER decided it was to DANGEROUS so we came home SHUDDERING.

adam hamilton
1/16/2013 01:30:58 am

Once there was a duck.
The duck jumped up and down,
he jumped up and down in muddy puddles.

One day the duck came across nothing but a huge pesky swan.
They were nothing but trouble makers,
they broke the sundial in the farm next door,
they even stole a truncheon from a policeman!!
Then the swan catcher tried to put a stop to this so he put down swan poison (even though it was very dangerous he didn`t care though) the swan and duck easily avoided it and chased him all the way to his house.

1/16/2013 02:30:58 am

I went to the COUNTRY to see what I could DISCOVER today.
I didnt tell my MOTHER so I got into TROUBLE because my COUSIN told her.
The COUNTRYSIDE was ROUGH and on my way I DISCOVERED a snake, I didnt know if it was POISONOUS but I did think it was DANGEROUS. So I stayed away from it.
when I got home my MOTHER told me i was going to be in big TROUBLE and then i told her about the snake and she was SUDDENLY hugging me and telling me i was not in TROUBLE anymore. I think she was worried about me.

1/16/2013 02:39:29 am

My Cousin

My cousin is very rough even though most people say he is very kind. Yesterday he kicked a boy so hard he got suspended for a month! After that he got into serious trouble. Enough about him being rough, he just came back from work in the countryside. Even though he is still a youngster he works on a farm. When he was digging a hole, he found a sundial! Well, he doesn't know what it is. I keep telling him its a sundial but he does not listen. He says his "discovery" will be known worldwide.


kirsten forde <3
1/16/2013 03:20:28 am

It was a BLUSTERY day and Mr BLUNKET'S
class were fed up. Some pupils read books for example the GRUFFALO and a COUPLE made music with PERCUSSION instruments and others just sat there bored. The school was in the COUNTRYSIDE close to where DUNKEN the class clown lived but he was off because he was RECOVERY from tonsillitis. Mr BLUNKET was trying to pull off some RUBBISH jokes like why did my COUSIN fall asleep when she pricked her finger because she was sleeping beauty. Everyone was sick of Mr BLUNKET'S jokes so they went on the computers and looked up funny trade but instead Fairtrade came up. “What’s Fairtrade Mr BLUNKET?” asked Kelly. SUDDENLY Mr BLUNKET leaped off his chair and tried to DISCOVER more information about Fairtrade so that he could teach his class. As Mr BLUNKET read through the information he remembered that when he was a YOUNGSTER he learnt about Fairtrade. All the pupils in the class were quick on the UPTAKE as they were bored all day.

In DISCOVERING more about Fairtrade from her MOTHER Anna realized that life was TOUGH and ROUGH for many who were paid unfair prices for the crops they grew. Anna SHUDDERED when she realized this and then thought how lucky she was to have a school and a home. Fairtrade is not GENEROUS it is just giving people what they are due.

You can STUMBLE on Fairtrade products in many places. For example Tearfund sell UMBRELLAS , CUFFLINKS , STUNNING scarves and for many years have ENCOURAGED people buy fairtrade.

jay jones
1/23/2013 05:34:10 am

I once read a story about a CHIMPANZEE,who escaped from the zoo.after walking a great DISTANCE,he decided to seek refuge in a WILLOW tree at the side of the road.he was awakened during the night by a horrible noise of thunder and LIGHTNING.he was so terrified he decided the wild was not for him.so he started the long journey back towards FAMILIAR surrounding of the zoo.the chimpanzee traveled all night and finally caught sight of the PRETTY INDIGO SYMBOL at the gates of the zoo.

Adam B
1/23/2013 05:59:25 am

Once upon a time there was a pretty chimpanzee called Daisy who played the fiddle. She had wanted to play the symbols but her mother told her the fiddle sounded much prettier. One night there was a terrible thunder and lightning storm away in the distance and Daisy was so scared, so hid under the quilt.

Daisy’s mum felt so sorry for her that she brought Daisy a glass of warm milk and a few biscuits to help her to settle. As the thunder and lightning got closer, Daisy got more frightened so her mother said, “why don’t you play your fiddle Daisy and you wont hear the thunder”. So Daisy lifted her Fiddle and played as loudly as she could. The lightning still frightened her but the thunder was now away in the distance as it was drowned out by the pretty sounds coming from her fiddle.

Josh McLaughlin
1/24/2013 03:29:43 am

On saturday we went to the park with our brothers sisters and cousins.It was a frosty day.Mum said,"we need a SYSTEM to get us altogether.We have a long DISTANCE to go.We Divided into two groups to collect leaves. We found WILLOW tree leaves. Mum said"We could TRIM them and add them to our pictures when we get home. We had some lemonade and BISCUITS before we headed home. It was a PRETTY good day!

rachel f
2/6/2013 02:05:40 am

One day i went to the dentist to get my teeth checked and this crazy women was at the door and said i am not to tresspass any further. I just shoved her out of the way and walked in. She was right, it was a kiddys party and they were singing laa laa loopsy. It was so annoying. Well i supose it was tempting so i joined in but the kids thought i was a monster so they charged at me like bulls. Then i realised that i was at the wrong place. So i walked out and went to the dental surgery to get my teeth checked.


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