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2/28/2013 12:35:03 am

KNOCK KNOCK went the door " there's no one there...... Oh wait it's those CUNNING bad boys" said mum next came a man to the door and said " I am doing a CAMPAIGN for the park " " oh " said mum " what's it for " " it's when the WINNER wins he CAN do what he or she wants and there's NINETY people competing its the wierdest and FUNNIEST thing every" said the man so mum PINNED it to the board "is it INTERNATIONAL" mum protested " yes" said the man later on that week mum WON the race and saved the park!!!!

2/28/2013 12:39:30 am

one night i had a NIGHTMARE of the FUNNIEST WINNING and talking KNEECAP!!! it does sound stupid ,it PINNED and KNEAD some NUTMEG on the wall!!! i called it my NIGHTMARE NINETY!!!!

2/28/2013 12:49:20 am

One day the CUNNING FUNNIEST man in the world who was coming NINETY on his next birthday was feeling like WINNING a race to see who could make people laugh the quickest.SO he tried to get up but his dodgy KNEECAP which he NIGHTLY rubbed cream on, kept him PINNED to the bed.It was a NIGHTMARE and a NUISANCE and he had to RESIGN himself to the fact that he would have to NEGLECT the race and drink CHAMPAGNE with NUTMEG in it with made him feel NAUSEOUS

Kirsten Forde
2/28/2013 01:00:16 am


ONE day NATALIE, NICOLE AND Krissy were having a usual day at school. The MORNING WENT by talking about FOREIGN COUNTERSIGN. Mr CUNNINGHAM the teacher was the most boring teacher ever. He lived in a grey house AND all his clothes were grey.

NATALIE AND NICOLE were PINNED together SINCE KINDERGARDEN but Krissy well she is the biggest 'NUTMEG NUISANCE' ever,AND has BEEN right through to Primary 6.

In the PLAYGROUND Krissy was being sooooo ANNOYING AND EVERYONE told her that she was a 'NUTMEG NUISANCE'. People THEN started to NEGLECT Krissy.

In class Mr CUNNINGHAM was really grumpy AND Krissy, being Krissy tried to cheer him up. EVERYONE THOUGHT kRISSY WAS MAD! After a few jigs and a jive EVERYONE was in stitches laughing INCLUDING Mr CUNNINGHAM.

Ever SINCE EVERYONE has loved Krissy AND called her the 'FUNNIEST NUISANCE' ever! Mr CUNNINGHAM CAMPAIGNED for a class CLOWN COMPETITION for the school AND the CHAMPION is Krissy.

Adam B
2/28/2013 01:30:39 am

One day a cunning fox named Knobby decided to go on a foreign holiday with some of his friends. He was very excited because he had never been on a foreign holiday before, but he was worried because he always felt nauseous travelling, even by car.

His friend nautical Ned told him, don't worry, you will be fine, I've been to lots of international cities and the travelling is fun.

Knobby started having nightmares about the holiday every night and it got so bad he had to resign himself to the fact that he could not go. Knobby's friends decided not to go as well and they cheered Knobby up by throwing him a party and brought him lots of champagne.

billie-jo kn/gn/n
2/28/2013 02:04:29 am

characters-sophie-friend,Mum,Sister, Molly-dog,Sarah-me

one day i was walking home from school I KNEW I had to go to the club are group is called the GNOMES I told my mum i KNOW my club is on but i don 't want to go. I went to my friends house to play i told her does she want to join and i said, "Are group is call the GNOMES" then Sophie said,"I KNOW I've been twice with you" "Oh I forgot about it" Sophie said,Mum can i go to the club with Sarah please guess what are group is called the GNOMES" Sophies mum laughed "What it's only called the GNOMES". The next week Sophie and Sarah went to the club they did a play about GNOMES aswell. Sophie was sick the next week so Sophie could 'nt go. NOW sophie was ill and was rushed to hospital cause she triped over her mirror and sliced her arm.NOW she defently could'nt go to the club the end.


jay jones
2/28/2013 02:15:39 am

the lady was all excited by WINNING the lucky ticket for a get a passport with all documentation such as photos to be COUNTERSIGN by someone and of course her own SIGNATURE was required. wanting to celebrate there was a party with NINETY people and CHAMPAGNE all around. the evening turned into a NIGHTMARE as the lady fell and wrecked her KNEECAP and ended on crutches. two weeks later she flew out on her FOREIGN holiday to Spain and everything had a good ending.

2/28/2013 02:40:44 am


One day there wasa girl and she was a nuisance and she was the funniest perso in her area.And she always liked winning she did not like losing.

One night the we girl had a nightmare and she fell out of bed and hurt her kneecap and there was a signature on her funniest ninety year old and he was a international singer on her signature on her funniest person in the world and she was pinned up to to the wall by police

Ellie Taylor
2/28/2013 03:31:58 am

I WANTED to enter the 400m INTERNATIONAL boat race, but because I was under 16 I needed my PARENTS SIGNATURE on the consent form .I TRAINED for NINETY days in the hope of WINNING the race.There would be lots of FOREIGN competitors taking part. The NIGHT before the race I had a NIGHTMARE. I dreamt I was in the lead when SUDDENLY a big dog with GNASHING teeth swam in FRONT of me.It jumped into the boat and PINNED me to the bottom. I broke my KNEECAP and had to go to the hospital.The doctor was SCANNING my KNEE when the CUNNING dog crept into the room and started to talk to me. It talked about how much he loved CONDENSED milk with NUTMEG sprinkled on top. He said he was called King NORMAN of the dogs and had REIGNED for many years. He had to RESIGN as King dog because he NEGLECTED to look after the garden GNOMES.

SUDDENLY my alarm went off and I woke up.That was one of the FUNNIEST NIGHTMARES I have ever had... and the strangest.

It was the day of the INTERNATIONAL boat race.I SIGNED in and got on my boat. Once the race started I was SCANNING the other boats with my eyes to see where they where.I could hear cheering and KNEW the race was NEARLY over.I FINISHED in first place and won a medal. They OPENED a bottle of CHAMPAGNE and gave me a small glass to taste but I couldn't drink any of it as it made me feel NAUSEOUS.

Peter McCullough
2/28/2013 04:06:00 am


One day I was walking into town. Suddenly I saw a poster PINNED to a tree that was beside a NINETY feet high tower! Anyway I looked at the poster and it said,"Join the best race in the world!'' Then I started SCANNING the poster for a date and at the bottom it said 1/03/13. " Wait, thats tomorrow! "thought. So I rushed home, my stomach was all in a knot thinking what to say. When I got home I asked my mum if I could go, but she said no.Was it because I'd been a NUISANCE all week? Or perhaps I'm too young to do a big INTERNATIONAL race like this one. But no... It's actually because my mum had a short CAMPAIGN on tomorrow. But she let me go anyway. So the next morning I woke up as CUNNING as a lion and as fast as a cheetah.Then I went out GNASHING my teeth for victory.I lined up at the starting line and then 3...2...1...GO! I was running as fast as I could. Some people were tiring and slowing down, but I kept going to the finish line and won the race.


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