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Rayne Raise the dog (by Tirzah Walker)
10/24/2012 02:53:00 am

There is a little dog called Rayne and Rayne's surname is Raise, Rayne Raise. He is tall, very tame and ever day he goes out side to the brook, and he safety sits down and looks at the ducks, eating the stale bread and every time the ducks fly away, Rayne jumps in, BUT not this time, he looks closely and see's something very bright, so Rayne jumped in, he took it in his mouth, then his Mum called him to come in, he ran it is about a mile or two from the brook to the house. Mum saw something shining in Rayne's mouth. The next day Rayne didn't bark he didn't howel, lick or eat either, mum's daughter Molly also noticed and asked Mum what was the matter with Rayne. His Mum shrugged very quickly, she said she would take him to the vet and so she did.The vet asked what was wrong with Rayne and his Mum replied that she didn't know, but she said that last night she saw something very shiny in his mouth and and when he woke up he wasn't talking at all, then the vet said that he had to stay over night for a operation. The next day they found out that he had something in his mouth that he must of swallowed it and it got stuck in his throat, and they got it out and that he could go home and they didn't have to pay because he got gold stuck in his throat and the vet kept it. Molly was so happy to see Rayne Raise again but she will never know how that gold got stuck in his throat...

ThE eNd

find out next time that happens on chapter 2 !(!if there is one!)!

10/24/2012 05:51:45 am

these games are really fun.

everyone should have a go

there are brill.

10/26/2012 01:30:19 am

Me and my Granny played the digestive system game and i read the information out to her then we did the quiz together we did well for the first time we got 7 out of 8
thank you Mr Magowan and Miss Spiers for giving the p6 kids such a cool website from kirsten

1/11/2013 07:55:14 pm

Great games


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