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1/9/2013 01:38:27 am

The Dragon

There was once a dragon called Shaun and he lived in The Nottingham Mall. He had a daughter called Slaughter who lived on Old Portadown Road. Shaun liked sausages, so every morning before the mall opened Shaun sneaked up to butchers and stole some sausages and ate them all by himself. One morning, Slaughter, Shaun's daughter, came to stay at The Nottingham Mall. Now by this time of the story you might think why the mall is still open if there were dragons in the mall. Now, the people thought that the dragons were attractions even though they weren't supervised. Back to the story, when Slaughter came to stay at The Nottingham Mall she asked Shaun for some sausages. And so Shaun set out to fetch some sausages. Beside the butchers there was hot dog stand. They hired a mascot. When Shaun crash landed near the mascot he said "sau sau sausage have you any sausages?" And then Shaun grabbed the mascot and brought it to Slaughter and she ate it.


Miss Spiers
1/9/2013 02:01:45 am

Well done Konrad!

1/11/2013 07:50:02 pm

Hi guys

1/15/2013 11:45:34 pm

there was once a boy who loved stuffing but the only problem was that he would cough and lagh every time ate it but it was hard not to because he loves it so much so one day he stopped eating it so he stopped eating it the end

1/15/2013 11:45:49 pm

Adam B
1/16/2013 12:03:16 am

One day Batman and Robin got a call from Commissioner Gordon. A dangerous cousin of Muster Man had robbed the local bank and was trying to flee the country by boat.

It was a blustery day so Batman and Robin took the helicopter and with the help of Muster Man's mother, they found out where he was going and went after him.

Suddently they spotted Muster Man on his boat, the sea was very rough and he was having trouble keeping the boat afloat as it was shuddering and jumping all over the place.

Robin lowered Batman down while Muster Man was'nt looking and in no time he was captured and put in prison.

Rebekah Graham
1/16/2013 12:12:18 am

Once there as aYOUNGSTER he had a MOTHER who caused alot of TROUBLE. But one day he went to see his COUSIN and he was very glad to get away from his MOTHER.His COUSIN lived in the COUNTRYSIDE but the YOUNGSTER prefered the city but he did not mind. But one day when he was at his COUSINS house when he went into a field and he DISCOVERED a big heavy cardboard box.He did not know what was inside it and dare would he even bother look inside it. But his COUSIN picked it up but he just missed it and it landed on the YOUNGSTERS head but the YOUNGSTER got knocked out and he had a big big adventure.....
He thought he was in a jungle and he saw some weird things in the jungle he saw four elephants playing a football TOURNAMENT. Then it started to get weirder he saw two snakes playing peekaboo then he saw to seals playing basketball then he saw the most funniest thing a singing Lady gaga OTHERWISE he would not want to see a dancing lady gaga SUDDENLY he felt himself waking up and then for the rest of the day he started bouncing round the garden saying i saw a singing lady gaga i saw a singing lady gaga!!!

Jack C
1/16/2013 12:24:28 am

One time me and my MOTHER and my BROTHER lived in a house
there was a COTTAGE with a few people and they had some CROPS growing out side so my MOTHER wanted to buy some
so she did and my BROTHER came back with the SAUSAGES that
MOTHER told him to get and we had patatos carrots and SAUSAGES for dinner my BROTHER loved them THE END.

Josh McLaughlin
1/16/2013 03:09:04 am


A girl called Anya lived with her MOTHER and father in Belfast.Her dad called her the YOUNGSTER and her COUSINS also lived there. SUDDENIY one night there was trouble.The bombs started to drop. Anyas MOTHER got them all together and told them they were going to the COUNTRYSIDE. Mother said it was too dangerous to stay.They left their home, Anya was sad, she never had a home.

Rebekah graham
1/23/2013 12:09:48 am

One day there was an ILLUSTRATOR she enoyed GYMNASTICS. But she loved being in the GYMNASTICS and then one day she wanted to be in the olympics.So one day she went to see the owner of the olympics a CHIMPANZEE but when she got there he was munching on a BISCUIT and said he did not wanted to be disturbed so the ILLUSTRATOR decided to join the circus but the owner of the circus was called WILLOW and she lived in a WILLOW.So off she went to see WILLOW but again WILLOW was playing her FIDDLE and said not to be disturbed so then she went to see bert the fisherman and he said he was quite lonely out here so he could use a friend so she got a job on a boat.But one day she went on the boat and she felt seasick so she felt sick and was sick (not very PRETTY)!!!!and so she got fired and she had no job



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