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Jonathan McComb
10/24/2012 01:41:41 am

1 Today I was late for school but everyone was gone.
2 I had cake snake for lunch.
3 I weigh the ingredients out for my mum when she cooks.
4 The rain went away and the sun came out.
5 A chain was tied to the plane and it couldn't fly away.

chloe s
10/24/2012 01:54:13 am

I was looking out my window when I saw my neighbour walking on the pavement, so I went out to see her and we went for a walk we saw a display of pumpkins with all the scary faces on them. I saw a shop that was selling raisins so I went to buy a packet of them, when I bought them, I opened the packet and shared them with my neighbour. We saw a trailor on the back of a car with loads of wood so I bought some wood for a fire. We were on main street were we lived. Tthe next day I fell down the stairs so I called an ambulance they came immediately. They took me to the hospital and the nurse said they had to operate on my leg, the doctor saw my vein she said it was badly bruised.

I had to stay over night, that night it started to rain. In the morning my neighbour came in my room at the hospital she brought me a teddy and a toy snake for me to play with.I was able to go and look at the lake at the hospital so i got in my wheel chair and went to look at the lake, when i was down at the lake I saw some ducks so I went back inside and asked for some bread to feed the ducks.So they gave me some bread and I went back outside to feed the ducks when I had no bread left I went back inside I got back in my bed and I fell fast asleep.

In the morning they put a cast on my foot and give me some crutches so I could go home, when I got home I sat on my bed and watched tv. So I fell asleep.


10/24/2012 02:11:23 am

One day there was a snake who lived just beside the main lake he was a very tame snake but people used to try to elminate him but some people just say go away but every day I go check on him secretly but I just wait... He has nobody else and to be honest and dont think he wants anybody else I interrogated some people and asked them why none of them they were just chasing him because he was a snake but whats the point so I showed everybody how good he was and nobody sceamed when they saw him ever again

Emily Byers
10/24/2012 02:25:50 am

My room was very plain so i got straight to thinking. I decided to paint it but i was afraid i would make a mistake. I gave my mum a ring to ask her to help,she came to help and brought a cake for us to eat.
I was going away on hoilday ,i was staying near a lake.When we got to the airport it had just started to rain. This meant that the plane was going to be late.

10/24/2012 02:42:19 am

The Missing Plane

On the newspaper on the front page was a headline MISSING PLANE. It was lost of the radar near Jamaica. Tom was going to Jamaica for holiday. On the 1st of July he went to Jamaica by plane.
He was worried by the fact what would happen if this plane went missing? But luckily his family landed safely. Every metre nearer to the place they were staying he could smell more smoke. That night he got fed up with it that so much he said he's going to exterminate the place where the smoke was coming from.Then he went out to look for his aim. The nearer to the jungle the more smoke. He finally saw something! It looked like a plane! Tom ran up to it to heck it out.
And there it was the missing plane! Tom ran as fast as he could to the nearest rescue center to get help. In no time a rescue truck was at the scene. On the front page of newspapers the headline read SMALL BUT HEROIC!

10/24/2012 07:29:37 am

It was a light rain. When the people were going away from the lake because the lake was going to flow. Suddenly everyone saw a snake in the lake. The man was about to aim at the snake when the snake attacked at the man the neighbour took his gun and shot at snake. Everybody praise him and his bravery. The doctor checked his vein and told him that he was OK.


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