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Ellie Taylor
3/5/2013 02:57:41 am

We were fishing for HERRINGS when a TORRID storm SHIPWRECKED our boat. We where STRANDED on an island which looked like a RAINFOREST.
The only thing to eat was CRANBERRIES and BLUEBERRIES,but they gave us a RASH so we had to RATION how many we ate at one time. We saw lots of RATTLESNAKES that WRIGGLED about.
The next day we climbed up a RIDGE, we lit a ROARING FIRE so people could see it and with any luck by TOMORROW we would be RESCUED.
The next day a local man RUNNING ERRANDS found us and took us to the OTHER side of the island WERE we got on a CARRIER plane and RETURNED home safe and sound.
When we got home we WERE VERY GRATEFUL to be RESCUED that we WRAPPED a PRESENT for the man that saved us.It was a WATERPROOF jacket so he could stay DRY while he is living in the RAINFOREST.

3/5/2013 04:32:06 am

i had to WRITE a large poem to fill my pages in my books .Then i had to WRITE how would I look after a RHINORCEROS . I came home i had a letter saying i had an appontment at 1:30am I was going to be RICH in 2 wks. me and my mum WROTE a note in are diarys to REMIND us about in 2wks we'll be RICH we were all exited we could'nt get sleep cause we're going to be RICH but it was fake unforthnary. THE END

jay jones
3/5/2013 11:53:27 pm

in South America you are sure to find a RATTLESNAKE WRAPPED up in a ball.The ENVIROMENT that a rattlesnake lives in very TORRID conditions.the rattlesnake is a CARRIER of poison which will WRECK a humans system.It WRIGGLES across the desert with a RIDGED jaw.

3/5/2013 11:59:50 pm

one day i seen a RATTLESNAKE WRAPPED in wool!!! the RATTLESNAKE lived in the RAINFOREST and ate lots of CRANBERRIES and BLUEBERRIES!!!(SOOO GREEDY!!!) and goes into HIBERNATION in the winter!!!

Adam B
3/6/2013 12:06:54 am

In the rainforest lived Roger the rattlesnakes. He would wriggle all over the forest looking for food. He loved to wrap himself around trees and branches hoping to catch his prey. One day, as Roger was lounging in the sun beside a pond, Herbert the herring swam by and popped his head out of the water to say hello.

“Hello Herbert” hissed Roger “how are you today?”. “I’m on my way to do an errand for my cousin Hetty” said Herbert “she’s making pie and needs some blueberries, cranberries and currants, so I’m off to see Rita the Rhino, she grows them you know”.

Roger smiled, he really didn’t care, he was too tired and it was a superhot day, so he said goodbye to Herbert, closed his eyes and dreamed of catching a nice fat rabbit or a plump wren for his tea.

Jack c
3/6/2013 12:39:34 am

The big red ball

The big red ball was my brothers ball his favourite colour is red.
My mum didn't like the red ball beacause it wrecked her vase
and it wrecked a painting but my brother like his red ball.And he
was aloud to keep it anyway.

3/6/2013 01:11:20 am

One day a long time ago a man how as diving found a ship WRECK.SO he tried to WRIGGLE through a smashed window like RATTLESNAKE.Then locked up if I am CORRECT he saw about 7 RATION books.And a smashed picture of a RAINFOREST.What a day he thought he would go home now and tell every one what he had been up to.

Adam Hamilton
3/6/2013 01:26:51 am


The rainforest is rainy, wet and green
It has reptiles and spiders
There are birds such as parrots
And lots of plants and trees
Some snakes curl round their prey and crush it to death
That's all about the rainforest (,that I know) bye:-)

3/6/2013 02:19:03 am

One day I was walking through the RAINFOREST. I was very hungry so i decided to look for something to eat. I found a BLUEBERRY and CRANBERRIE GROWING in the bushes. so i started to eat them.

I started to walk on then i saw a HORRIBLE RATTLESNAKE RAPPED ROUND a tree then i passed a big puddle and saw my REFLECTION in it. I kept and with PERASEVERANCE i found my way out. And i went home and WRIGGLED into bed.


3/6/2013 03:38:49 am

Way back in WW2 people had to get their food,liquid and magazines in a RATION.commanders used CARRIER pigeons to send messages to other commanders to either tell them something important or warn them of an attack or bomb.They used the REFLECTION of a mirror to do morse code or see whats going on with out getting shot or seen.It was a RIDICULOUS WRECK everywhere.But we will never forget the brave soldiers who risked their lives for ours.

Kirsten Forde
3/6/2013 03:46:59 am


The RAINFOREST is a big area WRAPPED in TREES. It is full of RAINFOREST animals such as the RATTLESNAKE. The RATTLESNACK is VERY PERSISTENT to find PREY even if he has to WRIGGLE a lot. You would not DESCRIBE the RAINFOREST as a TORRID place because thee is a lot of RAIN. THERE ARE plants and TREES in the RAINFOREST that can PRODUCE CRANBERRIES, BLUEBERRIES and OTHER FRUITS. Some animals HIBERNATE which means they sleep FROM the end of autumn to the SPRING. The RAINFOREST is not a CIRCLE so THERE is no CIRCUMFERENCE actually the RAINFOREST is RATHER SPREAD out. To TRAVEL THROUGH a RAINFOREST REQUIRES PERSERVERANCE as you ARE in a DIFFERENT ENVIRONMENT.

Peter McCullough
3/6/2013 03:48:04 am


One day I was driving in a People CARRIER to the RAINFOREST with my friends.We were on a mission to stay in the jungle for a week. It was an exciting journey though it took a long time.We arrived at the place in the morning and stayed there at night with some professional hunters. But in the middle of the night the hunters woke everyone up then I asked, ''Are those RATTLESNAKES outside!!!?" "CORRECT!" said one of the hunters.Now I definitely couldn't get to sleep I was a nervous WRECK!".
The next day we went outside on an ERRAND to find some food RATION. We were PERSISTENT in looking all round the nearby RIDGE but all we could find was BLUEBERRIES, CURRANTS and CRANBERRIES. "What a breakfast! This is RIDICULOUS!" I cried.

3/6/2013 04:34:39 am

TOMORROW I have to go on a
ERRAND to the shops to buy
and ill will need to use a CARRIER
bad when i got there i wrecked the shelf by an
accident and got shouted at
bt the maniger

By dylan mckerr p6sm


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