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The Digestive System

The Surprised Burglar

Let me tell you the story of yesterday’s burglary. The mystery of the missing silver was discovered by the butler who alerted security. The guards disturbed the burglar as he circled the perimeter fence looking for an escape route.
He had entered the house without disturbing a soul. He slithered with uncertainty from room to room until he discovered the Fern family silver.
‘Ah, perfect. I’ve come to the end of my search’, he muttered as he stuffed the silver into his sack.
The burglar made a hasty exit.  As he reached the perimeter fence, he felt a hand on his collar.
‘You have been caught on camera. You must return the silver.’ said the guard sternly.

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Farmer Brown  made a scarecrow using a  pillow, some straw and old clothes. Joe was not your average scarecrow, he was a unique fellow. He would boogie at the local disco, shaking from his shoulder to his elbow. The crowd would explode with laughter as Joe groaned and moaned.

Joe, the scarecrow would boast how he scared all the crows from his home. Although Farmer Brown thought he was a hopeless fellow, he played the piano like a pro and caused the crocuses to grow.


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