You can post your homework here. Try to use as many 'le' sound words as you can and remember the sound is made in a number of different ways.
Jake Mcknight
2/5/2013 11:24:43 pm

I saw an Animal in the zoo,the smell was vital.It was the final day of the zoo, because the Builders are building a new halfords. I was going to the zoo on my bicycle and once i saw the sign i said 'That was a bit of time.

jessica :)
2/5/2013 11:58:19 pm

Once there was a boy who loved comics but he loved to say it was and he loved playing survival games he lived in a stable he had a big rival as he wasnt very popular in schoolhe genrally wouldnt say that hated someone but this person always got on his nerves so one day he took out his rifle and SHOT him and DIDNT even go to his funeral

Adam B
2/6/2013 12:02:43 am

One morning before school Bradley's mum took him for his 6 month dental appointment. The dentist told him his tonsils looked very swollen and he might need to go into hospital to have them removed. Bradley was not very happy. Bradley had a music recital coming up and he played the cymbals and he didn't want to miss it.

As Bradley's mum drove home, she could hear Bradley mumbling in the back seat of the car. Bradley's mum told him not to worry, he might not need to have them out and she didn't think it was that critical at the moment. She said she would make an appointment with the doctor and see what he had to say. Bradley smiled and looked forward to going back to school to practice for his recital.. .

2/6/2013 12:05:34 am

One fine day I was soooo scared as I have to get my TONSILS out oh no!!!! "I SHALL not go" mumbled Lucy "it has to be this there is no FORMULA for it so yes you have to" said mum "it is CRITICAL!" Mum said. DIESEL(our dog) is so cute he is black and he has CRYSTALS in her eyes (i say that because his eyes are SPARKLY

joshua wilson :-)
2/6/2013 12:12:20 am

There was once a LITTLE man CALLED jimmy :-). He stole everybody's stuff and nobody LIKED him.One day they had enough, so everyone even LITTLE WILL came to put jimmy:-)
In jail.

Laura Richardson
2/6/2013 12:24:53 am

Today I had to go to hospital to get my tonsils out beause I was really sick. My mum and dad bought me a bicycle to cheer me up.They said you must be sensible when you use this bicycle or they would bring it back to the shop.That day my nanny came to visit me at the hospital and brought me a little gift,she gave me a crystal. I was shocked.On Saturday I was allowed to go home from hospital but we ran out of petrol so we were stuck on the motorway.A man came along and said would you like a lift home.We agreed but the man made us sit in the trailer.So we got home and the door bell rang, there was the cutest kitten we have ever seen. It had a note on it that said would you like to have this kitten. The kitten was from my friend for a gift getting my tonsils out because I was really brave.

Laura Richardson
2/6/2013 12:27:12 am

Hi everyone!

Brooke Archer!
2/6/2013 12:27:25 am

Once upon a time a little ickle spider kept goingg up my wall
In fact it was so fast it even tickled a bit,
Then another another another! my my i said what a tickly ickly spider day!
That story was a bit like a poem now for another one only a bit funnier...

"MUM!"said Sarah "Shh dear, i'm doing my work!"said Mum
"Mum mum, *Sarah crays a little* Why am i soo ickle the bullies in school call me names *Mum tickles sarah and sits on a chair*
"Your not the only one,I was always little, anyway think it as if you were if you had a candle it was me and the big sticks where my friends that would be like me when i was little."
Oh mum =D
Mums are helpful kind loveable and great to have just like mine ='D

Miss Archer
2/6/2013 12:28:26 am


2/6/2013 12:58:07 am


2/6/2013 01:00:50 am

Apples and cheese taste nice when eaten together-

2/6/2013 01:10:34 am

The Secret Symbol

One day, Paul found a symbol on his bedroom wall. He tried to wash it off, but the symbol wouldn't come off. The symbol was driving him crazy. Finally, he got an idea to paint it yellow because his whole room was yellow. On the next day he told his friend, Cole, about this symbol. Cole suggested that it was some sort of hieroglyphs of some sort and he should copy the symbol and dig in to it. So when Paul got home he realized that the symbol destroyed the yellow paint. Anyway, it helped him copy it down on a page. Then he destroyed it and he then he found crystal.


2/6/2013 01:13:25 am

one day my cousin had to get his TONSILS out, we went past a dental place. we had to get PETROL called DIESEL, so off we went to the HOSPITAL. he kept on MUMBLING on about it. we walked past a shop that sold CRYSTALS when he got out of HOSPITAL we seen a STABLE full of horses the end.x

Chloe Skillen
2/6/2013 01:17:22 am

There once was a boy and he had freckles only a little he once went on an adventure into a cave he went so far down in the cave he found a door there was a lock so he looked all around abd then he found the key so he went back to the door and opened it when he walked in he found a cave full of crystals all over the place so then in the corner he found 5 big sacks and a wheel barrow so he filled each sack up a time.Then he put all them in after that he went out lockked the door and went home.The next day he fell into a slippy puddle and fell down a hill then he called his mother and told her where he was and to call an ambulance so his mum got into the car put she was almost out of petrol so she got petrol really quickly when she got there she found the boy with the freckles so his mum then called the ambulance so the ambulance came and carried him to the ambulance then when they got there they did x rays on his leg and it turned out the he had broke it so then the hospital gave him a bandage and some crouches and then he went home and reasted his leg.


2/6/2013 01:30:02 am

Dear diary,

I am Tirzah and I would love to have a animal,

1.A lovely black horse in a stable,

2.A triplet of gerbils,

3.maybe a dog, called Bolt as fast as petrol,

4.A brown rabbit called Puddle,

5.2 Hamsters called Crystal and Canal, I hope they wouldn't have a quarrel.

maybe all this is not so sensible but...I need an is essential to me on earth.

The End :D

2/6/2013 01:54:02 am

Olivia's TONSILS

My LITTLE sister LOVED to PLAY in PUDDLES even if it were CLEAR or muddy , on one very sunny day Olivia went out side as the ground was covered in PUDDLES even the PETROL station was covered in PUDDLES.So she went over and started to jump then she began to cough so I went over to HELP we took her to the doctors and he said she has TONSILLITIS then she had to go to hospital to get her TONSILS out. When we got home Olivia jumped her heart out in PUDDLES.


Adam Hamilton :-) ,
2/6/2013 02:19:17 am

Low on FUEL
Once my mum ran out of PETROL and she was not too pleased . We had
to walk to the nearest PETROL station but it only sold DIESEL so we had to call the breakdown company on our MOBILES and we had to wait for
a WHOLE hour. They came to us after a LONG wait we thought they weren't coming but then we saw them in the distance with lots of PETROL.We were able to arrive home safely.:-)

jay jones
2/6/2013 02:29:39 am

There once was a doctor surgery in london and a man came in to get his TONSIL out,and after he had to go to the HOSPITAL because of an infection." The hospital provides SENSATIONAL service"said the man. Due to complications he was left CRITICAL,PHYSICAL and MENTAL pain. After 24 hours his family was told he was STABLE he even started to MUMBLE!

Emily Bieber (i love justin bieber)
2/6/2013 02:57:54 am

One day i met an animal and it was unusual and portable, it had an apple and a candle and it liked to giggle. My gentle uncle came out of the tunnel and thought this was a puzzle. I never thought i would stumble upon this or the handle and the funnel which i found in the tunnel.

Ellie Taylor
2/6/2013 03:17:07 am


One day while out for a drive along the CANAL, we saw a VANDAL painting on the STABLE walls.He was drawing a SENSATIONAL picture of a boy with FRECKLES jumping in a PUDDLE. As we drove past, mum said, ''SHALL we go visit Mrs CONSTABLE ?'' ''She is in the HOSPITAL with sore TONSILS.'' On the way there we stopped to get DIESEL but there was only PETROL left. My dad went MENTAL and MUMBLED a SYLLABLE under his breath. Then we heard the sound of CYMBALS and turned round to see a CRYSTAL ball rolling into the shop, knocking down the DENTAL floss. By the time we got to the HOSPITAL, Mrs CONSTABLE had got her TONSILS out. After checking her CHOLESTEROL, the nurse told her that it was CRITICAL she got some ice cream and PHYSICAL exercise every hour. We left her some flowers and her favourite COSMOPOLITAN magazine, along with a Get well soon card inside.


Kirsten <3
2/6/2013 03:18:52 am


The man who worked in the PETROL station was MENTAL. Everything about him was MENTAL his look was white shoes and jacket and black trousers with a CRYSTAL pattern. His name was MICHAEL which is perfectly NORMAL but his face was covered in FRECKLES. MICHAEL gets his words mixed up and would MUMBLE, so his SYLLABLES are all wrong.

One day very unexpectedly MICHAEL was rushed into HOSPITAL in an ambulance which said on the side MEDICAL/PHYSICAL transport. The PEOPLE driving the ambulance called MICHAEL Mr MICHAEL HACKLE AND announced , 'Mr MICHAEL HACKLE will be taken to HOSPITAL because he has bad TONSILS and ALSO needs DENTAL surgery.'

When I went to visit MICHAEL I found him in the room in the MENTAL clinic with the symbol on the door that means peace. I went in and MICHAEL was crying and had made a puddle on the floor with tears. I asked him what was wrong and he said, 'Monkey who sat on my desk with CYMBALS has died.' (Monkey is a teddy bear.) MICHAEL then cried so hard he could not talk to me.

I got home late because there was a traffic jam but I decided that in the morning I would visit the PETROL station.

Night FELL. Morning rose.

I went to the PETROL station next morning and asked if we could all go and visit MICHAEL and give him monkey. All staff agreed. We got to the HOSPITAL and the nurse said, "so sorry, MICHAEL is heaven."

2/6/2013 03:55:52 am

My mum had a baby yesterday.
She has to stay in HOSPITAL.
Dad put PETROL in the car so we
could go and visit her.
My little sister has a tiny FRECKLE
no her nose and i can see her
TONSILS whan she cries.
Mum asked me what to call the baby.
i said "Crystal."


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