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12/13/2012 03:17:03 am

hi Mr Magowan thankyou for making lerning about Japan so fun

Jake Mcknight
12/27/2012 07:16:11 am

Japan's People
Most Japanese people today wear western style clothes. But during holidays, festivals, and at other special times, they may wear traditional robes called kimonos. The patterns on kimonos change with the seasons to reflect the seasonal changes in nature.

The Japanese have strong family ties and deep respect for authority. In Japan, it is polite to greet one another by bowing.

Japanese students study calligraphy to learn the art of handwriting. Children go to school in Japan Monday through Friday, plus a half day on Saturday. They only have one month off from school, during the school year, from the middle of July to the middle of August. Because school is so difficult and competitive in Japan, many children go to juku, which is a school held in the evening that helps students keep up with their regular school work.

Miss Spiers
1/9/2013 02:06:23 am


Brooke - Dawn
1/8/2013 11:59:54 pm

Dear Diary,

Ita me Dawn i am alone and its getting dark i feel awful for what i did
*Cooks sauges on fire*Well i guess my brother is back from hunting
Yawwn!! Shhh!! max i am getting to sleep! Well sorry!,Iwas just soo tired from hunting.Well sorry anyway did you bring any Tall carrots from the abandoned mall? Oh Dawn you are so funny.... No but i found a pig,cow and a sheep i shall use the leather and wool for beds.Ok i will cook the meat.*EVERYONE HEARS A NOISE*
Whats that noise Max i am scared!I don't know but be calm down.
Ruff Ruff!! only paul playing with the tail of the cow! Hmm shall i collect coconuts?Yes i have got beds *HELECOTER COMES FROM SKY*Whos that? is it someone to rescue us from the island.
Hello down there need a lift?Yes we were starned here!
My my i guess you need some blanckets and a drink!

---------------------- [] [] []-------------
[] [] [ []
[] []------------------[] []-----------
[] [] [] []
[] [] [] []------------
E N D!!!
By Brooke Archer

Miss Spiers
1/9/2013 02:06:58 am


1/9/2013 02:46:26 am

Paul went and bought a saucepan and also he bought 10 award winning sausages, he walked home to get his BBQ, saucepan and the sausages in his van, he drove to the sausage competition, when he arrived he started making his sausages, he went away and saw a man called Saul and he had finish cooking. Paul wanted one so he pretended he was the judge and said, "Hello, I'm the Judge, your sausages look great, may I have one?" and Saul said, "yes," I loved it. Soon I went to see If my sausages were ready and they were so I went and handed in my sausages. 5 minutes later they announced the winners and I came 1st.


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