Before we finish our Fair Trade Topic, we have come up with a few questions that we would like answers to. Can you use the internet to find the answers? 2 House points for every answer.

1 . How and when did Fair Trade start?
2. How do the cocoa beans grow? (what is planted?)
3.How are Fair Trade clothes made and what are they made from?
4. Who invented Fair Trade?
5. Why did Fair Trade start?
6. Is Crunchie Fair Trade?
7. How many products are Fair Trade?
8. How do Fair Trade mangoes start?
9. How are products shipped to the shops at busy times?
10. Which countries don't have Fair Trade?

Laura and Szimometta
2/27/2013 08:24:54 pm

1. fair trade started in the United States when thousands of villages began to trade different things with poor people in the South in the 1940's. The first formal "fair trade" shop was then built in 1958.


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