The Surprised Burglar

Let me tell you the story of yesterday’s burglary. The mystery of the missing silver was discovered by the butler who alerted security. The guards disturbed the burglar as he circled the perimeter fence looking for an escape route.
He had entered the house without disturbing a soul. He slithered with uncertainty from room to room until he discovered the Fern family silver.
‘Ah, perfect. I’ve come to the end of my search’, he muttered as he stuffed the silver into his sack.
The burglar made a hasty exit.  As he reached the perimeter fence, he felt a hand on his collar.
‘You have been caught on camera. You must return the silver.’ said the guard sternly.

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hello once i tell you my life i will thank you again for reading me

okay i have seen all these things a robber shopper caretaker more and more .So the robber was robbing a parking car he jumped in like a jumper and grabbed cash like a grabber now the story on the shopper.The shopper was seen on main street shopping at tescos looking at the deals then she ran to the shop know as M&S and then went to Asda etc. Now last but not least the care taker came into our class aka miss spiers about a problom with Jakes ball so our caretaker is called Mr hollywood and to day he does some amazing things like things we would'nt do but someone has too like clean all day ok you get the point.


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who did mr cookie

anna cowan
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Berty my best freind lives in Lurgan. He has a pet hamster. It is really furry. His hamster is called Bernie. Bernie likes to play on his burgandy wheel. Berty's dad is a farmer and likes to eat burgers. Sometimes Berty takes Bernie to the leisure centre to meet his friend Turner . Turner also has a hamster which has white fur . Sometimes they curl up together . Bernie and berty are best friends they love each other.

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miss spiers wheres this weeks scaffold text

Adam B
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Harper who was twenty one lived in London and was an actor. He was about to star in his first role in a specular play called "The Perfect Burglar". It was advertised in all of the local newspapers and all of his friends were looking forward to seeing it.

The writer of the play had never seen Harper act before and was worried how he would perform in the role but one of the other actors told him that Harper was a superb actor and that he had nothing to worry about.

The play was a great success and Harper was compared to some of the great early actors of the era. Harper and his friends decided to go surfing to celebrate..

jay jones
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In the film called 'Mr Beans Holiday,' Rowan Atkinson starred as the main ACTOR. It was set in the MODERN ages based on winning a CAMERA and a PERFECT holiday to Cannes due to a raffle win. He met a french PARTNER and a little boy who WERE complete STRANGERS. Mr Bean lost his wallet and was seen as a BEGGAR as he danced for DOLLARS in the EARLY stages of the film. Mr Bean filmed his EVERY move but to his dismay as he ran to the HARBOUR he fell OVER the KERB and broke his CAMERA. The main CHAPTER in the film was in finding the little boys FATHER which formed a SPECTACULAR ending.

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Once there was a burgler the burgler had armour on.One day he went to the harbour shop at night and stole everything.That day the man who owned the harbour shop was shocked that everything was gone.The man that owned the shop found a dollar at the door.He had a partner the burgler had a partner to help him the man got out his camera and took a picture of his to show the policemen on a Saturday the next day will be Saturday.First before night he showed hi mother and father they were suprised of what happened to his shop the next day was Saturday he was on his way to the policemen he said ``hello how can i help you``the man that owned the harbour shop said ``someone burgled my house look I took a picture of it and I also found this dollar``the policeman said I will get some of my policemen to keep an eye on your shop.That night when the policemen were watching it the two burglers broke in at the back and set the shop on fire the policemen turned around and saw it was on fire so they called the firefighters to come.When they arrived they put the fire down and went back to the fire station the policeman called the person that owned the shop to come down when he got down he told him what had happened to his shop.He was soo sad because his shop was burnt down the next day and he sat and thinked who would do that to his shop.That nioght he saw his mother and father with all the stuff from the harbour shop he discovered it was his parents whop did it.He called the policeman straight up to tell him that he found out who the theives were he said ``my parents broke in and stole everything and burnt the the place down `` the policeman arrested his parents his parents had to go to gail and pay for his shop to get fixed.

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chole your text is very good you mused have spent a lot of time on your text but even know you it is still lovely

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hiu miss spiers do you like my homework

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One fine day a great knight woke up very early. He decided to get ready and put his armour on .He was very thirsty and drank a litre of milk. When he went out side there was a group of actors with a camera crew. He said "Whats going here"? The actors told him they were making a film about burglary at the castle and the missing collar. The knight said "Can I join in"?. "Certainly" the crew said. The knight joined in.

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Let me tell you about my SUBERB day at school.Today at school i couldn't compare it to any other day. This day was weird first i fell over a kerb going to school.then i met a modern dance teacher and she was singing and dancing the whole way down the road.Then later in the day a famous actor came to school she was amazing we all gota picture and the camera man was really funny we payed him some dollars and read the last chapter of our book
The End

rebekah graham
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A LEOPARD was going to a SURF competition when he forgot his DOLLAR to get in. The guard didn't let him in so he had to go back to where he lived,a FURNISH shop whe he saw a BURGALAR stealing the chapter book in the shop.The BURGLAR ran to the HARBOUR where the SURF competition was held then he was running so fast he didn't see the sea and he did a MODERN backflip in the air and landed in the sea.Because he couldn't sim he drowned.

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There was a farmer, he is a bit stern and a bit strange, and a bit of a burglar. He stole Fern's tractor, ate all Fern's birthday cake, took Fern's dog and his collar. Soon Fern found out "your are a burglar, you stole my tractor, you ate ALL my birthday cake, you took my dog AND his collar and you don't even give me a dollar!" Fern EXPLODED "buy me the newest tractor, a MASSIVE cake, the most cutest dog in the WORLD and the most CUTEST collar for him! Fern shouted, and the farmer never EVER stole again!


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The Butler

The Mirror Family nearly got a heart attack when they found their precious silverstone perished. One day the butler looked into the silver chest to clean it. But his bare eyes saw nothing! He remembered that earlier in the week a stranger came to the house saying he was supposed to furnish the house. He soon discovered the burglar was a firefighter. He lived in Northern Ireland. He flew a modern plane to catch the burglar. He caught him at a harbour. The butler called the police whenever the butler came back, the Mirror Family said the butler was the best who could serve them.

peter mccullough
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Earlier I was reading a book I'll start at chapter 1 in the book it was about a master criminal called the Night Thief. He only robbed places in the night.So in this robbery he tries to rob a palace.The Night Thief gets in a boat and sails to the palace shore. Eventually he reaches the harbour,he gets off the boat and dresses up as a palace guard in shiny armour.Then he marches into the palace without bumping into trouble.(None of the guards released that he was a stranger.)Then he marched into the volt were all the money was, believe it or not there was TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS was in the volt! And he got every last penny.ALERT! ALERT! ROBBERY! He had to be quick or else he would be caught!There was guards chasing him so he ran as fast as he could out off the palace with all the money, he was at the harbour and to jump to escape and THEN HE ...and that's the end of chapter 1.

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Mr.Caterpillar was a very lonely and down to earth caterpillar but compared to some he was always looking smart and sensible. One of the caterpillars was super nasty,his name was Peter. Peter had been everywhere on an aeroplane. He had been to Jupiter,Mercury,Saturn and better than that he had been on the statue of Liberty. Unfortunately Mr.Caterpillar's mum Heather fell into a river and drowned thirty years ago. Herby, Mr Caterpillar's dad was an explorer so he was in the jungle for the past two years but knowing Herby he had been ate by a tiger. Mr Caterpillar decided he would alter some things. So he went to Helter Skelter airport and got on an aeroplane and went to America. He paid a visit to Caterpillar Obama and said, "My neighbour Peter is really nasty and I was wondering if you would talk to him and try to explain to him that he needs to be kind."

Cora the belfast giant !
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One sunny day my friends and I went to the park on the way back we met a stranger standing on the kerb he had a black collar and a black tie he handed us a dollar but we did not take it we told him NO ! and ran away. The next day he was on the news he was convicted of being a burgalar then earlier I went to get a litre of milk for my mum and a brought my friends again and then I really heard what happened he robbed the shop then i said to my mum from now on im bringing you with me .
by cora the belfast giant

emily byers /miss bieber
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Hi cora
your text is very good u must have spent a lot of time on your text.

By Emily Byers

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On Saturday in a actors house they were celebrating suddenly burglar came and stole all of the money.The mother and the father were shocked.Suddenly from nowhere came a voice it was a man shouting for help everyone came and saw that his house was on fire and he left his phone inside that's why he couldn't call the fire fighter. Then the fire fighter came andsoon everything was normal.

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On thursday I went to the park to play football, I kicked the ball too hard and it went under the bridge over the river, I had to go and get the ball before it floated away from under the bridge. I was being careful but ended up banging my head "Ouch, that hurt" I yelled. I got the ball before it floated away and realised that I wanted to go surfing at the beach instead! "YES! I shouted randomly scaring an old lady walking by with very long gray hair.

Brooke Archer
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whats the sound i thought it was defenly the ay sound???

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anyway hers my text
One day i went down the street to find a big treasure everyone thought i was mad crazy but me i knew what i was talking about so i brought my brother called Rayne and i probblery should'nt have because just my luck IT RAINED boohoo so i brought a coat and said that line ''I'll always love you mum and dad my parents were thinking they'll come back at maintime you know it was treak or treat he meant that time oh yes its HALLOWEEN or in a better way HALLOWSEVE so i got my pail and my clothes and i went on my own so the treasure it was dun dun dun MEETING MY FRIENDS AND ME GO TRICK OR TREATING AND GOT A HOUSE LOAD O TREATS BEAT THAT so i came back and proved everyone wrong

By Brooke Thanks for listening bye!

Brooke the helping friend =]
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good work guys i find we deserve A NIGHT OFF HOMEWORK ON FIRDAY LOL


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