What would you like to be when you grow up?
Share it in a comment and include reasons why you have that ambition. 
9/11/2012 04:08:07 am

When I grow up I will be a businesswomen.

Brooke Archer
9/12/2012 12:23:48 am

i would like to be a fashion designer because who would make all the new fashion if there were none!So thats why i won't to be one and when i'm older im going to make a shop with the following names
hannah, chloe and trizah! its gonna be the best! :) i hope you like it!

Miss Spiers
9/12/2012 12:36:45 am

I look forward to visiting your shop!

9/12/2012 12:30:20 am

I'd like to be a FAMOUS footballer for My favourite Football team.My favourite position will be Right Midfielder.

Miss Spiers
9/12/2012 05:12:49 am

Tell us about your favourite team Jake!

Emily Byers
9/12/2012 01:18:07 am

I want to be a make-up artist because i like to doing people,s make-up and i have lots of make-up. I like to make people look good and feel good about themselves. Also I could do make -up for weddings and also maybe for T.V shows.

9/12/2012 01:49:28 am

will done Emily
you could do my make-up when i get married

Daniel M
9/12/2012 01:27:40 am

When I grow up I would like to be a cricket player or a ruby player
They are the best sports in the world.
I love to play them, maybe you should try them too.

Laura Richardson
9/12/2012 01:34:38 am

When I grow up I would like to be a popstar because I love singing. I would like to tour all around the world on a tour bus. I would love to sing at my own concerts in different contries all over the world. I would like to sell loads of albums just like Justin Bieber!

Courtney L
9/12/2012 01:54:34 am

When I grow up I would like to be a teacher because all the teachers that I have had are very good teachers, so far but I mite be better you never know. I also would like to build my own school and be the proud owner of a new school. If I don't do that I would be a designer because I am always make things and design things so I think I would do that if I can't teach.

9/12/2012 02:15:57 am

I want be a goalkeeper just like Iker Casillias. I want to play for Arsenal F.C. And if I don't become a goalie I would like to be a centre back like Pique. I would play for Arsenal F.C.

Laura Richardson -mrs bieber fever lol
9/12/2012 02:28:25 am

hello everyone if this is your first time on this blog you are welcome and play the games they are really fun hope u have fun!

Emily byers
10/2/2012 05:01:15 pm

We will all have on the blog with all the games on the blog


9/12/2012 02:30:47 am


My ambition is to be the best footballer,I would play for Liverpool because I would also like to be like my role model Steven Gerrard.I would always get offered to Barcelona or Real Madrid but I will say maybe and maybe not but I want to stand out of everyone.
I would like Maradonna NOT like Messi because Its same old same new he picks a team where everybody is amazing dont get me wrong thats really good but Marradonna picked a team that went from the bottom of the leage to the top because of him.He made tthem that way he one the leage three years in a row actually he one the leage for them.I think he Is the best player of all time he could do miracles like do keepy-ups with a tennis ball and easily do over a hundered, Aguero that plays for MC and goes out with his daughter and watches him on most matches.If I ever get the chance to be the best player I would take it I would be number eight and it was took I would be number nine or ten,Id probably be left winger and Steven Gerrard would be right winger.

9/12/2012 02:33:38 am

When i grow up i want to be a sports commentator because i love all sports and would love to be on tv talking about sports. I also think you would get alot of money and then i can buy a lovley car for myself.
I would also love to be a hockey player or a runner in the olympics beacause it keeps you fit and healthy.

9/12/2012 03:03:16 am

When i grow up i would like to be a vet because i love animals. Its like a doctor for animals,I would love to help sick pets become well again. My favourite animal is a horse. I ride horses on Thursday nights . So thats why a vet is my perfect thing .

Peter McCullough P6SM
9/12/2012 03:12:27 am

When I grow up I would like to be a FAMOUS actor because I would be on TV and I would be in movies (action movies) as well.
I'd love to do my own stunts rather than the stuntman!
My favourite actors are Johnny Depp who played Jack Sparrow, Orlando Bloom who starred as Will Turner in Pirates of the Caribbean and Legolis in The Lord Of the Rings movies. I also think Matt Smith who plays Doctor Who is a very good actor.

joshua wilson
9/12/2012 03:16:14 am

I would like to be a superhero when i grow up. I like to be one because they fight crime and have superpowers and they do good stuff. My superheroe name would be cookie monster. And my superpowers would be shooting cookies ant chocolate chips.

9/12/2012 04:02:03 am

When I grow up I would like to be an Archaeologist. I enjoy reading books and watching TV programmes about the past on how things were made and were we came from originally. The purpose of archaeology is to learn more about past societies and the development of the human race. Over 99% of the history of humanity has occurred within prehistoric cultures, who did not make use of writing, thereby not leaving written records about themselves that we can study today. Without such written sources, the only way to learn about prehistoric societies is to use archaeology. Many important developments in human history occurred during prehistory. Archaeology also sheds light on many of humanity's technological advances, for instance the ability to use fire, the development of stone tools, the beginnings of religion and the creation of agriculture.
Everyday would be different and I would have the opportunity to travel the world and meet new people.

Miss Spiers
9/12/2012 05:14:00 am

Well done everyone! It's great to read about all of your ambitions!

9/12/2012 05:24:10 am

When I grow up I would love to be a professional football player. There are lots of reasons that I would choose this: firstly, footballers have great team mates and lots of friends, they have so much fun playing football. Footballers help out with charities and visit sick people. I would love someday to win the Champions League. I practice football every day with my little brother and we pretend that we are players from our favourite football teams. When I finish playing football I hope someday to be a football manager like Alex Ferguson from Man United!!!!

I love playing football with all my friends... It's the best job anyone could have.

9/12/2012 05:26:28 am

I would like to be a professional golfer like Rory McIlroy. You would be paid alot and be very rich and famous. It would be good to play on the greatest courses in the world and also because golfing is a good sport and fun to do.

Adam Boyce
9/12/2012 05:50:13 am

When I grow up I would like to be a black belt in Ju-Jitsu because it teaches you respect, discipline and cool moves.

Dylan Mckerr
9/12/2012 06:18:42 am

When I grow up, I would love to become a professional footballer for a team in the premier league or any big teams like Barcelona. Footballers make a lot of money and I wouldn't have to work again in my life, I would be getting lot's and lot's of money for doing something that I love. A lot of footballers are inspirations to kids like myself, they achieve their goals and ambitions with thousands on thousands of people watching and cheering them on. I would also have the opportunity to travel the world to play big teams and against players like Messi and John Terry. A lot of people have told me that I have a lot of skill in the beautiful game of football, and its my passion to play and score goals for the happiness and enjoyment for other people watching. The money that I make from being a footballer would give me the chance to buy a HUGE house anywhere in the world and lots of cars and games when im older. Me and my family would be rich ! Football is not just a game, its a passion.
That's why I would like to be a footballer when I grow up - It's in my blood.

By Dylan Mckerr

Dylan Mckerr
9/12/2012 06:25:21 am

Mr Magowan is a brilliant teacher! He teaches us quite a lot of things. He is funny, and makes us enjoy class. He is a cool guy for giving the class this homework, I can now see other peoples ambitions and their really really interesting !

9/12/2012 07:17:22 am

When I grow up I will be a businesswomen.Like my dad he's a businessman too.I love his shop and I always pretend that I'm driving the forklift.

9/13/2012 05:33:39 am

when i grow up i would like to be a manager of a wedding shop
so i can make girls dreams come true and get their dress of their dreams.How small or big you want it i will have it for you.Plus if you want brides maids dresses i will have it too and if you buy a wedding dress and brides maids dresses you will get 20% off the weddibg dress.I will have a wedding cake shop so if you buy a cake you will get 5% off it.

natasha byers
9/22/2012 06:48:49 pm

hi louise well done

Rachel Lyness
9/26/2012 02:47:17 am

Louise remind me to come to your wedding shop for my wedding dress and my wedding cake.

Laura Cassells
9/27/2012 04:51:48 am

When I grow up I will be a Conservationist. A conservationist is a person who helps animals to stay alive and to stops poachers.


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