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St.patrick scaffold text
One fine day a 16 year old boy HEARD a sound and he came charging down the STAIRCASE in his BARE feet.
His dad was REPAIRING a small boat he wasn't AWARE that the Irish raiders where burning the village . Some raiders came and grabbed Patrick he said '' is THERE any time for PREPARATION " "no!!!!!" Said the Irish raider he was a slave with no PARENTAL guidence there . One day he was leaving he had to be very careful leaving!!! He got home and he lived with his family again
The end

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When Saint Patrick was kidnapped EARLY in the morning he did not go bye an AIRLINE but by boat.When he got there he was in great DESPAIR because he had to live in a cave.He started to talk to God FAIRLY a lot more.When he got home he did not go bye AIRLINES instead he hid on a boat so the AIRWAVES helped him on his way.

Peter McCullough
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The story of ST Patrick

ST Patrick was a boy who lived in a small village in Wales,near the harbour so he would have been able to GLARE out to the sea. Then one night some Irish men attacked his village for slaves. So CARELESSLY he ran down the STAIRWAY and outside. They took him to some ships (because they didn't have any sort of AIRCRAFT so thats why he was on a boat!) His mother and father were full of DESPAIR and also REPAIRING the burnt down houses. The ships returned to Ireland and Patrick was sold as a slave to a very rich master, infact he was a MILLIONAIRE! Patrick said sorry to God for all the wrong he'd done and God forgave him.

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St Patrick's Day

St Patrick's day is an Irish public holiday. St Patrick is best known for driving the snakes which are much bigger than an EARTHWORM out of Ireland in the EARLY first century. To celebrate St Patrick's day in Dungannon the council had PLENARY discussions and issued a QUESTIONNAIRE to the people in the AREA.

The story of St Patrick tells us that he was not AWARE that the village where he lived was being burnt. When he woke up his eyes were a BLARE but he could see FAIRLY well his home being burnt to ashes.

As there was not AIRLINE or AIRCRAFT St Patrick was brought to Ireland on a ship. The ship St Patrick was on would not have been used by a MILLIONAIRE because it was not fancy. St Patrick was in DESPAIR. St Patrick was brought to a big house with lots of fancy STAIRWAYS and a CHAIR fit for a CHAIRMAN. St Patrick was told to find a cave to live in, hunt for food and care for sheep and pigs. When this ERA was over St Patrick as God had told him to do. St Patrick stayed at home for a while but his mum GLARED at him and said "St Patrick never run away from us as again. "St Patrick was EARNEST to do what God said and made PREPARATIONS to return to Ireland.

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Patrick had a fairly big family . The area of his village was was on the coast of Antrim.

His village was invaded and people took him away. The separation must have been awful and his new master did not make it better he did not care for Patrick and was horrible in other ways. Patrick was sorry for ignoring God and had horrible despair so he said his prayers every day and night. One night he had a dream that he had to go back to his home village so the next morning he went to a boat but the captain did not let him on without a fare so Patrick prayed to God to help him God answered him and the captain let him on. He returned home and everyone was happy he was still alive Then Patrick had a dream that he had to go back to Ireland to preach but his parents did not allow him , but he wanted to be aware that he was only listening to God . so he went to Ireland and preached. One day he taught the kings daughter s and then they believed in the holy spirit ,God and Jesus Christ. Some men asked Patrick for a copy of the bible but he said that he could not give them his only copy So they built a workshop and made copys of the bible

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in the EARLY days there was a man called st.patrick he was captured by the irish raiders. To his DESPAIR he was took away from hi parents . Without PARENTAL guidence he was left to work as a slave for six years . His religen was his solaceand so he became a devout christian . After six years patrick heard gods voice telling him to leave ireland . So he was CAREFUL and escaped his CARELESS captors and made his way home . He had another vision from an angel who told him to go nback and preach christionity to the irish after 14 years of PREPARATION studying to be a priest . He returend to ireland where he built churches in the AREA and made peaple AWARE of christain faith . For the next 30 years until his death on March 17th 460 Ad

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We celebrate St Patrick's day because.Well long story short.St Patrick lived in AREA in Britain early one morning he heard screaming shouting he went outside being very AWARE.He was captured by an Irish soldier.He was a salve his master was very bad to him.He thought to himself is this my punishment for not having time for God.He soon traveled back to Britain but wanted to go back to Ireland .He soon became the arch bishop of Ireland and that's why we celebrate St Patricks day.

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EARLY in the 4th century in Wales Saint Patrick was born to wealthy parents,at the age of 16 he wasn"t AWARE that he would be captured by irish raiders and had made PREPARATION to bring him to bring him to Ireland.CIRCUMSTANTIAL evidence that he is buried in the AREA of Downpatrick.at his grave people had to be CAREFUL laying the flowers.At the present day Saint patricks grave has been REPAIRED.

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A modern version of the story of St Patrick.

EARLY one evening a young boy called Patrick was kidnapped by Irish men and taken on a AIRPLANE to IRELAND. While he was AIRBORNE he was made to complete a QUESTIONNAIRE while having to listen to the BLARE of noise from people around him.

When the AIRCRAFT landed he walked down the STAIRWAY and stood in Ireland. He was CAREFUL not to stand on any EARTHWORMS as he was AWARE of the fact that there where many in the AREA around the AIRPORT WHERE there was so many shamrocks growing.

He was taken to the MAYOR'S house to be his servant. The MAYOR GLARED at him and told him he was to PREPARE all the meals, be a HAIRDRESSER for his daughters and REPAIR anything that was broken in his house. Patrick was FAIRLY good at his work but after six years in decided to take an AIRPLANE back to his home in Britain.

When he arrived back home he had a dream that he was to return to Ireland and be a MISSIONARY and preach to the people in different AREAS of Ireland. He became friends with the MAYOR that he used to work for and when the MAYOR died he left his money to Patrick who became a MILLIONAIRE, but Patrick gave the money away to the people so the could use it to build churches. He PREPARED copies of his Bible, and travelled in EARNEST across the AREA giving out Bibles FAIRLY among the people.As a MISSIONARY he told everyone about God.

When Patrick died he was made the Patron St of Ireland and the shamrock became a symbol of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.


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